The future of retailing

With online shopping ever increasing, what steps will retailers take to make their consumers shopping experience more alluring and engaging. Below are some techniques I think stores can use to integrate technology into their store and keep consumers there for a longer period of time.

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Topshop to have an in house coffee shop

Oxford Street, Topshop’s flagship store currently houses a nail bar, hairdressers and an EAT cafe. Having these services in store means Topshop both keeps it’s consumers in the store for longer and brings in more consumers who come to use these services. Topshop could create their own coffee shop within their larger stores to allow consumers to take a break and reflect on items that they’ve seen in stores.

These coffee shops can have iPads imbedded within the tables so shoppers can browse online and research current trends while they relax. This could increase sales within the store as customers are allowed to browse freely from the comfort of the stores sofa and then go out and try the items on.

The store could integrate a feature in which items they have seen and want whilst browsing could be added to their cart and collected to pay for at the till in store.

Primark to have a cafe

Primark stores across the UK are rapidly increasing in size. Leeds now boasts two huge stores within a 10 minute walk within one another. Their departments are increasing with their home and gift section expanding. Due to the variety if levels and goods Primark is now selling, surely they could learn from large stores such as BHS and House of Fraser and have their own in store cafe. This cafe could provide weekly movie nights, a live Instagram feed featuring primarks clothing and video projections of styling tips to keep consumers engaged.

Customer Research In Store?

By integrating an iPad System into stores, many could gain vital research into customer needs and trends. Digital displays could ask customers what their favourite products are, what products they would like to be able to buy from the store etc. Shops such as Toys R Us could run some of their product testings in store to see how children interacted with new products and judge their success rates. Events such as these happening in store with also attracts more people to come in.

Brit Awards 2014 Countdown

I’m pretty gutted I forgot to get the usual treats for a night in watching the Brits, my cupboards are completely bland these days, looks like I’ll have to settle with grapes.

There’s been a bit of criticism about this years Brit Awards with Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams performing. Personally, I don’t mind the American presence, as long as they’ve managed to get Prince to make an appearance tonight seen as he’s popping up around London all the time these days.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of newcomers win tonight, fingers crossed for Bastille and Disclosure. It’s going to be a tough and interesting battle for Best British Band with a diverse range of artists being nominated.

I’m pleased to see the Brits have stepped up their game realising that everyone spends their night on twitter during these types of shows. We will now be able to vote for the British music video award on the social media site. Let’s just hope One Directions fan base have gone to bed by the time this happens.

Done too much, much too young



Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand…exotic locations visited and one main thing learnt….England is cold! 

Probably had the most incredible experience of my life and I desperately want to go back and do it all over again, I could talk for hours on end about places visited, people met and just well rather strange experiences. For all those thinking of going travelling, don’t hesitate, just go ahead and book those flights, considering the difference in culture and language barrier, S.E Asia is easier to travel than the London Underground.  With a travel agent or 10 on every corner and hostels packed with the travel thirsty, getting from place to place with little effort required and meeting friends along the way is pretty much guaranteed.

However, for all those wanting to plan a route or just wondering what to expect, I’ll post my route and what I encountered on the way…

beauty comes and goes but love stays until the end

Olivia Lopez is quickly becoming my favourite Blogger of the year, she always pull every outfit off to perfection…check out her Blog Lust for Life here

The name of her blog reminded me of King Charles ‘Love Lust’ , one of my favourite ever artists, I’m part of an events team organising an Eco- Festival for next year and he has already agreed to play. As he was best global songwriter of 2010, I’m pretty excited for him to perform!

King Charles – Love Lust